L-001 Silver


With our SS20 collection, you can create a cozy and colorful living.


Colors are more important than ever, it generates good energy, evoke emotions and creates warm feelings. With our colorful products you can decorate your home and create the perfect living.


Create a cozy living outside and inside with our lanterns, plant stands, cushions and throws and for the green living we have a lot of flower pots and vases with different surfaces. You can also make green living on the wall with our REFLECT mirrors.


With our collection we want to create a natural, light and colorful expression. You will see a lot of glass, metals, natural baskets, velvet cushions, and cushions in corduroy made as herringbone pattern, that looks very nice mixed with our print cushions.

Our new velvet pouf is made with layers that makes a nice line pattern.


Mix the products and see how nice they work together.


Enjoy our collection.



Pure Culture
Brugskunst og design

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