Pure Culture is a Danish design company headquartered in Kolding. Pure Culture was founded in 2004 and since 2011 Pure Culture has been owned and managed by Bjarne Carlsen, Jette Carlsen and Lone Tannebæk.

Jette and Lone both have a history of fashion and home/interior. Pure Culture is known for its many beautiful and colorful designs in bamboo. In recent years, Pure Culture has expanded its product range within both new materials and designs, thus keeping an ongoing focus on new trends and ideas to support their customers’ needs. The result is two annual collections featuring pillows, blankets, vases, bowls, mirrors, trays, flower pots etc. - all in stunning time-current designs to consumer-friendly prices, which gives everyone the opportunity to decorate their home with charm and personality.


If you don’t like your  style – change it!  “Pure Culture

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Pure Culture
Brugskunst og design

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